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Rochester Institute of Technology 4050 351 – Lab 6: Multiple Network Infrastructure using Ethernet, PPP, and IP Study Guide Name: _____________________ Instructions:    In an attempt to more closely tie lectures to the weekly lab experience, we have prepared a series of  preparation questions. These are required to be completed and will be counted as 10% of your lab grade  for that week. Some of your exam questions will come from these study guides. 1. (4 points) In Lab 6 you will construct an internetwork consisting of two Ethernet networks and you will connect  devices to the network via PPP, wired, and wireless Ethernet technologies. Based upon your previous lab  experience, information discussed in lecture, reading from your text and from research you have done, diagram 
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Unformatted text preview: a working network topology for this lab. Be sure to label all connections, all network components, servers, workstations, cables, addresses, etc. 2. Define the terms gateway and gateway address. Discuss why they are used and which devices in your network topology above would be a gateway and which require a gateway address. How would you configure a gateway address on the devices selected? 3. (2 points) Define private network addressing and why it is used. How does it differ from global IP addressing? 4. (2 points) Define WEP and WPA. Discuss where and why they should be used? 2009 rev 91...
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