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Rochester Institute of Technology 4050 351 – Lab 1: 10baseT Crossover and File Sharing Sign-offs Name: _____________________ Activity 2 Signature Date Cable passes inspection. This includes strain relief, pinouts, etc. ____________________________ ___________ Activity 3 Adapter removed on PC1 ____________________________ ____________ Adapter removed on PC2 ____________________________ ____________ PC1 and PC2 can ping ____________________________ ____________ Activity 4 Partner machine located using find. ____________________________ ____________ Folders shared with proper settings and accessed from partner machine. ____________________________ ____________ Activity 5 PC1 and PC2 ping via the hub.
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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________ ____________ Linux pings the gateway, PC1, & PC2. ____________________________ ____________ Activity 6 Packet filters set up and work properly on PC1 and PC2. _____________________________ ____________ 2009 rev 91 Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Security, & Systems Administration PC2 filter for PC1 only is working _____________________________ ____________ Post Lab Work area cleaned up _____________________________ ____________ Cleaning your work area includes disconnecting and putting away all cables, returning all tools to the cage, throwing away any trash, and pushing in your chair. 2009 rev 91...
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This note was uploaded on 12/23/2011 for the course NSSA 351 taught by Professor Hill during the Spring '08 term at RIT.

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2008-351-signoffs_1 - ____________________________...

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