2008-351-signoffs_4 - ___________ Activity 6 Successfully...

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Rochester Institute of Technology 4050 351 – Lab 4: Point to Point Protocol Sign-offs Name: _____________________ Activity 1 Signature Date Modem installed correctly. ________________________________ __________ Activity 4 Modem successfully dials out and establishes connection. ________________________________ __________ Activity 5 PC1 can ping PC2/PC3  and vice versa. ________________________________ __________ PC2 can ping the server, the gateway and PCs on other tables  _______________________________ ___________ File Placed on the server _______________________________
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Unformatted text preview: ___________ Activity 6 Successfully capture PPP traffic ________________________________ ____________ Activity 7 Cleanup: Appropriate network enabled Modem disabled. ________________________________ __________ Post Lab Work area cleaned up ________________________________ __________ 2009 rev 91 Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Security, & Systems Administration Cleaning your work area includes disconnecting and putting away all cables, returning all tools to the cage, throwing away any trash, and pushing in your chair. 2009 rev 91...
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2008-351-signoffs_4 - ___________ Activity 6 Successfully...

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