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Discussion 2.1

Discussion 2.1 - 4 If you had prior experience with a...

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR WEEK / SESSION 2.1 ARTICLE #2: "No Test Tubes. Debate on Virtual Science Classes" 1. In your opinion, how do virtual (simulated) science labs compare to hands-on (physical) labs? Are they an acceptable substitute? 2. It has been said that biology students feel more at-ease doing an online dissection, chemistry students do not have to worry about exposure to hazardous chemicals, and physics students cannot get an electrical shock. Is this a strong argument for using virtual science labs? 3. Are virtual science labs justified (the only option) for rural and urban schools that usually lack the resources for more advanced hands-on labs?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. If you had prior experience with a virtual science lab, would you prefer it over a hands-on lab? Do you feel it gave you an adequate "feel" for the science? 5. Internet-based educators justify virtual labs on the basis of higher test scores. Is this valid? 6. Must all AP-level science courses always involve a hands-on lab in order to "qualify" as "AP" (as per the College Board)? Do you need "the look and the feel and the smell? 7. Do you forsee further proliferation of on-line (virtual) high schools? Would this have a positive or negative impact on secondary science education?...
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