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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR WEEK 3 / SESSION 3.1 Article #5: "E-Books vs. Print Textbooks” YES David Moskowitz 1. Are there any benefits of e-books in addition to those cited in this opinion? 2. Have you used an e-book? If so, how did it compare with that of a print textbook? 3. What is not to like about e-books? NO Erma H. Hughes 1. Is it indeed time for a national standard / process that ensures students are given a choice between print and e-books? Can this be done at an affordable cost?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Do e-books creat a two-tier learning environment? Unlimited-access students having an unfair advantage over limited-access students (especially older working students)? 3. As time and technology progress, will there always be some 21 st century students who will remain devoted to print books? Are you one of them? 4. Can there also be a market for used e-books as there is for print books?...
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