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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR WEEK 3 : DISCUSSION 3.2 Article #6: "The Digital Divide: The Kindle DX" 1. Will the newest version of Kindle –DX- revolutionize the way students learn? 2. Which advantage(s) / feature(s) of the DX are most appealing to you? 3. Which disadvantage –in your opinion- of the DX are of most concern to you? 4. In the near future, will e-readers become required –and dominant- on college campuses?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Would the operation of the DX indeed pose a liability for the visually impaired? 6. Would e-readers have an impact on how textbooks are written- will it change language- as English professor Mary Grimm feels.? 7. Will it be a long or short - time before print textbooks exist only behind glass in museums?...
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