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DISCUSSION WEEK 4 / SESSION 4.1 Article 7: “Google and Privacy” 1. Do you agree that Google’s broadening reach is giving it unchecked power? 2. Will the proposed ad partnership between Google and Yahoo unfairly drive up online ad prices with the consumer eventually picking up the tab? 3. Are you concerned about Google’s ability to gather more potentially sensitive personal information from users? 4. Do you envision –as does Consumer Watchdog- serious privacy concerns about Chrome and
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Unformatted text preview: transfer of Google user data (IP addresses) without transparency and control? 5. But, is Chrome’s “incognito” tab a sufficient control option to protect user privacy? Or, does it give users a false sense of security? 6. Was Google’s decision to maintain its search logs for 9 months (vs. 18 months) a move in the right direction or just meaningless? Should it have shortened them to 6 months?...
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