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Discussion 4.2

Discussion 4.2 - powerless “customer service” reps...

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DISCUSSION WEEK 4 / SESSION 4.2 Article 8: “When Google Gets Dangerous” 1. Does the mistaken truncation of the Investment News story by Google raise serious concerns over the reliability of its information gathering and processing? 2. Was Google correct in passing off responsibility for false information to the site webmaster? Or does it indeed have a responsibility for correcting misquoted content? 3. Should Google establish a means for outsiders to talk to actual Google officials instead of
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Unformatted text preview: powerless “customer service” reps regarding a non-digital problem? 4. Are you concerned with non-human examination and manipulation of news content? Is this a dangerous trend with even more dangerous implications? Is the potential for damaging errors enormous? 5. Would it behoove Google to exert more responsibility by periodically reviewing and overriding its computers?...
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