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DISCUSSION WEEK 5 / SESSION 5.1 Article 9: "Internet Junkies: Hooked Online" 1. Has -or will- excessive use of the Internet become a serious social problem to the point of being worthy of a new category of clinical mental disorder? 2. Is Internet addiction a worldwide disaster that is only going to worsen over time? 3. Was IBM justified in firing James Pacenza? Should it have offered him employee assistance just as they would for a drug-addicted employee? Does Pacenza justify his addiction in light of post-traumatic stress disorder? 4. Is the Internet the real "stimulus" or problem? Do you agree with John Grohol that it is
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Unformatted text preview: not so? 5. Is the real cause of Internet addiction poor time-management skills, depression, and anxiety? 6. Is Internet addiction totally different from that of TV or the telephone, as David Greenfield contends? 7. Should the US view the Internet addiction problem as serious and legitimate enough to offer clinics and treatment programs, as do Korea and China? 8. Is the term "Internet Junkie" a fair and appropriate way to describe one who is Internet-dependent?...
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