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Bio310 Exam 2 Winter Term 2004 Print Name Write clearly. lt is wrong if we can't read it. For multiple choice: choose the best answer(s) for each problem Three Point Questions 1. Transfer of a phosphoryl group from phosphenolpyruvate (PEP) to pyruvate is an example of a. a mutase reaction b. an isomerization -A a dehydrogenation ( d:h substrate level phosphorylation \_*r/ 2. In neuronal signaling, opening membrane channels that cause the Vm to change from - 55 to 35 mV would be defined as. .. Hyperpolarization Depolarization Refractory Repolarization Integration cases, the carboxyl terminus of transmembrane proteins is On the outside the plasma membrane the inside the same side as any carbohydrate is attached to the protein Always on the side of the membrane as any catalytic active sites of the protein A and C are both true 3. In b. @ c. d. e. most "d. ffi Fi. { 4. Which of following enzymes is NOT regulated in glycolysis? a. Pvruvate kinase @ Pl''osphoglycerate c"r Hexokinase {z' Phosphofructokinase 5. The insulin receptor is a good example {D A transmembrane protein containing several polypeptides X. An integral membrane that utilizes low molecular weight G-proteins c. A membrane that generates different cytoplasmic second messengers ,-{' Only A and B are €,1 A, B, and C are alltrue 6. Which of would have lowest melting point? a. Arachidic Acid (20:0) b. Lauric (12:0) c. Palmitoleic (18:1) -dil))Linoleic ( 1 8:2) El Lignoceric (24:O)
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, I ! 7. Yeast will normally conveft pyruvate to ethanol. Why is this better for the yeast than a conversion to lactate? b1 Conuersion to ethanol releases more NAD* per mole than conversion to lactate b. The carbon atoms are more oxidized in ethanol than in lactate Ethanol is neutral, while lactate production is accompanied by a sharp decrease in pH is not better. Ethanol and are produced to the same amount 8, Which statement is FALSE concerning FMN and FAD? \ They are both reversible with respect to oxidation reduction lfip They both can accept one electron or two electrons fe)They associate with proteins using weak interactions, which promote the stability of the - enzyme-cofactor complex by improving the induced fit They serue as electron carriers for many substrates They are both prosthetic groups 9. Secondary Active Transport does NOT involve which of the following? X One solute of the system moves against a concentration gradient k of the system moves with a concentration ATP hydrolysis is required for movement of solutes out of organelles but not for moving solutes into them { Moving a solute a gradient powers moving a solute with a gradient e. A symport and an uniport 10. Seven ten reactions the glycolytic pathway have free energy vatues close to zero. What does this tell us about those reactions? " a. They are near equilibrium reactions -* b. They are not control points for pathway regulations -c. They are reversible d. aandconly @ nlt of the above 11. There are 4 enzymes that can catalyze first step of Glycolysis. They are hexokinases l, ll and lll and glucokinase (Hexokinase lV). Hexokinases l-lll have Krvr values near 0.1 mM.
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Exam+2--W04 - Bio310 Exam 2 Winter Term 2004 PrintName...

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