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DISCUSSION WEEK 5 / SESSION 5.2 Article 10: "Seriously, Go Take a Hike" 1. Will the offerings of modern technology -Internet, TV, video gaming- and society (Amber Alert syndrome) result in more members of current and future generations growing up "denatured" (detached from nature)? 2. Will fixation on artificial (indoor) entertainment result in a complete lack of appreciation of and interest in the great outdoors? 3. Will this "nature deficient disorder" increase the incidence / risk of obesity due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Should there be programs such as "no child left inside" to better promote outdoor usage and appreciation? 5. Will the offerings of modern techno-entertainment serve to make us abandon the traditional dreams and desires, and do less to teach leadership and self-confidence skills? 6. Is the future of the wilderness indeed at risk when future generations lose their appreciation for it (ie., it will not be missed when it is gone)? 7. In the end, is it up to mom and dad to set an example?...
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