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DISCUSSION WEEK 6 / SESSION 6.1 Article #11: "U.S. Military to Own the Weather" 1. In light of recent severe weather disasters (tsunamis, hurricanes) and the future impact of global warming, is it appropriate for our government to fund a serious scientific research effort into weather modification? 2. Do you feel that in 10-15 years there will be mature technologies (tiny smart particles, artificial plasma layers) tht will allow scientists to modify local weather patterns and effects, and eventually provide the authority to control them? 3. Should the U.S. military be given the majority of resources (physical and financial) to
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Unformatted text preview: pursue weather modification? 4. Should weather modification be focused on turning weather into a weapon (destroying potential adversaries by developing war-fighting applications) OR for the safety and good of mankind (targeting and neutralizing destructive storms and damaging temperature patterns)? 5. Is either of the above applications ethical since we would be "messing with Mother Nature"? Is it justified if the intent is to counter/defeat potential adversaries? 6. Can there be inadvertent (negative) side effects from weather modification?...
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