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ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND VALUES (0508-211-02) WINTER 2009/2010 COURSE INFORMATION SHEET Instructor: Professor C. Jay Cappon (“Professor Jay”) Contact: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment. Class Meeting: TR, 4:00pm – 5:50pm, Room 12-3245 Textbook. No formal textbook will be used. Instead, discussion topics on which this course is focused will consist of 20 article reprints. Each article presents a current science and technology topic which can have a significant impact on human society and values. Course Requirements. 1. Attendance. To reward those who make a concerted effort to attend class consistently and show a definite commitment to the learning process, credit will be awarded based on attendance. A sign-in sheet will be circulated at each class meeting. Attendance records will officially begin at the second class meeting. To get credited for attendance, you must be present for the ENTIRE class meeting. The only exception: if you have a documented appointment (job interview, class field trip, participatory athletic event). Only you can sign-in for yourself. Doing this on behalf of a fellow classmate is not permitted. If this happens, you will forfeit half of your attendance points. If you are present but fail to sign the attendance sheet, you will be assessed an absence. Absences Points 0 50 1 40 2 30 3 20 4 10 5 0 2. Class Participation. Because this course is a seminar and not a lecture course, your active participation is both encouraged and required. To achieve this, the following activity will be held twice during each class meeting: (1) during the initial 15-20 minutes of a class session: and, (2) at the start of the 15-20 minutes
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