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J7 Borges - Assignment Instructions for Journal No 7...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment Instructions for Journal No. 7 Professor Vázquez English 293 Latin American literature Jorge Luis Borges In “El Otro” (The Other), the old poet Borges sits on a bench overlooking the Charles river in 1969 when he encounters the young Borges from Geneva of 1919, and asks him: “Wouldn’t you like to know something about my past, which is now the future that awaits you?” After a nod, Borges shares news of his family, about history, warning him of a German dictator named Hitler. He speaks of books and the blindness that awaits him: “Listen to me, when you’re my age, you’ll have almost completely lost your sight, you’ll see only yellows in light and shades. Don’t worry. Progressive blindness isn’t tragic. It’s like a long summer evening. Imagine a situation in which you encounter your younger self perhaps like Borges on a bench, or perhaps at a library, a subway or a park. What sorts of things would you likely tell your other, and how do you imagine your other might respond? ...
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