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Unformatted text preview: Assignment instructions for Journal No. 9 Professor Vázquez English 293 Latin American literature Miguel Ángel Asturias Legend of “El Cadejo” from Legends of Guatemala (1956) 1. Review the imagery in the beginning of the story. What is the effect of adding such sensuous details? 2. a) What does the braid signify to the novice? b) To the poppy-man? c) To the Church? d) What inherent tensions exist between each position? 3. a) What is the role of the poppy-man in this story? b) What is the significance of his eternal confinement in hell? c) What is implied by the cactus plants “still weep[ing] white tears”? Queen's Tears Billbergia Zebrina Queenʼs Tears have long, fluted, silvery-white leaves that are heavily cross-banded and turn a dramatic purplish bronze. From these grow graceful, downward curving spikes holding a mass of gorgeous, long-lasting blue and white flowers. You can watch nature at work as "tear drops” of sweet nectar form on the stigma. Nota bene: Note the significance of the noviceʼs braid in this story with that of the heroʼs hair in the biblical story of Samson. ...
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