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UCLA Extension - Screenwriting 1 L. Saber PROTAGONIST VS. ANTAGONIST (Week 4 Lecture) Your protagonist is the most important character in your story. Without this character there would be no story. Therefore, your job is to engage your audience in wanting to watch this person for two hours without a bathroom break. One way of doing so is to make sure that the audience identifies with your character. Again, you have to realize that the audience becomes this person during the time they’re sitting in the theater. They internalize the character. Screenwriters and story tellers have gone as far as humanizing monsters, animals, cars, you name it. Would Dracula be more sympathetic to an audience if he struggled with his blood sucking problem and actually tried to avoid human blood, but instead turned to the less tasty blood of rats? Of course, and that was the case in “INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE.” The good vampires avoided killing humans. They tried to preserve human life, fell in love and were good creatures. This gave them qualities with which we as an audience can identify. I had a student in one of my classes whose multiple protagonists were trying to hide the dead body of a teenage boy. He is a very talented writer and I believe he will achieve success if he sticks to it. Although the writing was funny, the one major problem the script had was that nobody in the class identified with these central characters because they were, first of all doing something immoral and secondly committing a crime. We laughed at the jokes, but still were left cold about the characters. Another issue was that there were a couple of problems the protagonists were dealing with.
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UCLA Extension - Screenwriting 1 L. Saber One was hiding the body of the dead teenage boy and secondly, cleaning
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Online_Lecture_Screenwriting_1_Week_4 - UCLA Extension...

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