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I/INTRODUCTION a) Status and the formation of BITRACO Brick-making is one of the most important industries in Viet Nam and is traditionally carried out on a small scale by family-run businesses in rural areas. According to estimates, each year our country consumes about 20 billion bricks. With this impetus, to 2020, the amount of bricks needed to build more than 40 billion tables/year. To achieve this number, if we use terracotta, it will take a lot of land, will seriously affect food security. Besides that, using a huge amount of fossil coal is accompanied by a large volume of wood, will easily lead to deforestation, loss of ecological balance, natural disasters. This also leads to intense local air pollution, as well as a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
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Because of this situation, the government of Viet Nam issued a decree that all traditional brick kilns in cities must be phased out by 2005 and in rural areas by 2010. The government also sets the regulations that the companies of building-material productions that use outdated technology, cause environmental pollution and have low economic efficiency must be shut down. According to this regulation, many companies must stop their business in bricks industry and this lead to the status that the building materials are shortage, especially bricks used in construction. Because of lack of supply, price of brick became higher and higher. Our country is a very rapidly developing country in building infrastructure, so this problem should be solved quickly. The state encourages enterprises which have sufficient capital and the ability should invest in the production of bricks and construction industry as a solution to solve the supply problem. With the preferential policies for enterprises and high demand in market has also created favorable conditions for BITRACO brick factory was established b) Mission of company “BITRACO seeks to build and nurture lasting relationships within the Vietnam construction community, by offering the best products at a fair price. Our pledge is to maintain the highest level of integrity, fairness, stability, professionalism in the construction marketplace.” c) Vision of company “Being the premier manufacturer of brick products and the first choice supplier in our chosen markets.” II/ INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS Rival The market now is continuously more strict competition. There are many of huge rival is competing to gain the market share in TayNinh Province. TayNinh Ceramic tile joint stock is one of the biggest competitors toward Bitraco. They are providing with high quality product and producing with 31 million bricks per year. In addition, the products have been diversity and difference among their rival. Furthermore, Intermittent innovation in producing process and value chain its make them easily to extend capacity of producing process. Thereby, they are often overcapacity. New entrance
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Report hoan chinh strategy (2) - I/INTRODUCTION a Status...

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