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Unformatted text preview: CIVL 232 Structural Concrete Design Assignment 1: Concept of ultimate state designs Assigned: Tuesday, 14 February 2006 Due date: Tuesday, 21 February 2006 1. (a) Describe two principal types of limit state in the limit state design. (b) Why should we introduce the partial factors of safety for materials (γm) and for loads (γf) in reinforced concrete design? 2. Fig. 1.2 shows a beam supported on foundations at A and B. The beam carries a uniformly distributed dead load, including its self-weight, Gk = 25 kN/m, an imposed load Qk = 7 kN/m and a 120 kN concentrated imposed load at C. (a) Determine the weight of the foundation required at A in order to resist uplift. (b) Carry out critical load arrangements for the ultimate limit state. Determine the bending moments and shear forces of the beam, and draw the corresponding bending-moment and shear force envelopes. 120 kN imposed load Gk = 25 kN/m, Qk = 7 kN/m A foundation B C 2m 4m Fig. 1.2 3. The three-span continuous beam shown in Fig. 1.3 has a constant cross-section and supports a uniformly distributed dead load Gk = 20 kN/m and imposed load Qk = 15 kN/m. Carry out the loading arrangements for maximum span moments and for design moments at the supports according to BS 8110. Compare the span and support moments from the structural analysis and the method presented in BS 8110: Part 1: clause 3.4.3 Table 3.5 (the course notes p.22 table or p.23 figures). Gk = 20 kN/m , Qk = 15 kN/m 6m 5m 6m Fig. 1.3 1 4. An unsymmetrical layout of shear walls in a building is shown in Fig. 1.4, where k is the relative flexural stiffness of the walls. Determine the distribution of the 100 kN horizontal force F into shear walls B and D. y 32 m B: 10k D: 10k 15 m E: 15k A: 5k C: 5k x 20 m 20 m F Fig. 1.4 2 ...
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