47 closed links closed stirrups o from eq 330 the

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Unformatted text preview: 8110: Part 2, Clause 2.4.7) • Closed links (closed stirrups) o From Eq. (3.30), the total torsional resistance is expressed as T= Asv x1 y1 (0.95 f yv )⋅ 0.8 sv (3.31) where x1 is smaller dimension of the link, y1 is larger dimension of the link, Asv is sectional area of the two legs of a link, and sv is stirrup spacing. The efficiency factor of 0.8 is included to allow for errors in assumptions made about the truss behaviour. 143 o Hence a two-leg closed link must be provided such that Asv T ≥ sv 0....
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