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Project Feasibility Study A Client wants to build something You are the Engineer whom the Client employs to build the thing for him Objective What does the Client wants to build? What are his wishes or requirements? Project Feasibility Study (PFS) You will submit a proposal to satisfy the Client’s objective to convince the Client to invest in the Project. The proposal must be agreed by the Clint before the Project is carried out further. This is done by a Project Feasibility Study. The PFS will answer Is it possible to build the Project? (If not, what are the consequences and alternatives? Is it worthwhile to build the Project? (Project justification) Is the Project useful? (Beneficial / Award / Revenue) Major issues the PPS must address 1. Layout / Alignment
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Construction Method 3. Materials 4. Workmanship 5. Design Approach 6. Programme 7. Estimates (Cost / Cash flow) Feasibility Study Feasibility:-We have to examine if the project is feasible in terms of . Land . Technology . Foundation . Finance / Revenue . Public / Social / Authority’s responses Cost Effectiveness:-We have to evaluate and compare alternatives in respect of . Layout . Appearance . Resources . Consultants / Expertise / In-house . Functions . Durability . Use . Operation . Maintenance . Design codes / practices . Construction methods . Tender Strategy . Labour / Plant / Equipment . Safety . Environment . Sustainability . Materials . Workmanship . Finishes . Programme . Expenditure / Return . Risk...
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Project_Feasibility_Study - 2 Construction Method 3...

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