Drainage_Impact_Assessment - Drainage Impact Assessment(DIA...

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Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA) For projects that have potential to cause adverse impacts on drainage and flooding To be considered at early stages of project planning and design- To minimize drainage and flooding problems To avoid expensive remedial measures Principal Objectives To identify – Potential adverse drainage impacts arising from the project To demonstrate – Mitigation measures to avoid causing an unacceptable increase in the risk of flooding Roles of Proponent Preparing the project profile Undertaking the DIA Study Implementing measures Monitoring performance Readdressing unanticipated or unacceptable impacts (during construction and for an agreed period of maintenance) Project Profile Project proponent to notify DSD Outline description of project – Project title / Proponent / Contact person (name & telephone) / Nature and description of the project / Location (include plans) / Area of project site and % paved & unpaved) / Level to be filled up / Statutory land use zoning / Recent and dated photographs to
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Drainage_Impact_Assessment - Drainage Impact Assessment(DIA...

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