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Civl_202_midterm_question_paper - 8 When we work for the...

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Mid-term Test CIVL 202: Construction Engineering I 24 th March 2006 * Please submit it to the letter box labeled “CIVL 202” outside Room 2126 (Lift 19) before 2:00 pm on 27th March 2006 Student Name: Student ID: Marks: Section A – True or False Mark (T) for True and (F) for False ( ) 1. Government is the largest Employer in the Hong Kong constructive industry. ( ) 2. The Engineer in a project refers to all the engineers working for the project. ( ) 3. When you are the Engineer’s representatives, you will inherit the power to order work for the Engineer. ( ) 4. The Engineer is an impartial body means that he must always remain neutral. ( ) 5. When we talk safety we mean not to cause accident or death cases on Site. ( ) 6. Quality control and quality assurance would refer to the same site work. ( ) 7. Project justification is to determine the award of the project.
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Unformatted text preview: ( ) 8. When we work for the project estimate, all we have to do is to calculate the construction cost of the project. ( ) 9. The site location shall be the most acceptable to the Developer’s desire. Section B -Short Questions CIVL 202 Mid-term Paper P.1 Give short answers in the following questions 1. Who is the engineer on the top of the of the site organization to be constantly on Site looking after the site work for the Engineer? Ans: 2. To whom should the Contractor submit his temporary design for checking? Ans: 3. When the Contractor considers that he is suffering from the loss, what shall he put up? Ans: 4. Prior to proceeding project detail design, the Engineer shall produce what to convince the Developer to invest in the project Ans: - END-CIVL 202 Mid-term Paper P.2...
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Civl_202_midterm_question_paper - 8 When we work for the...

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