Project-_New_Town__Development - New Town Development...

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New Town Development Layout Plans Considerations - Are there any development constraints? Height restriction (air flight path, radar obstruction), foundation problem (soft ground, marble caves, earthquake zone), Wetland, Greenbelt, Land preserved for special interest (bird watching), Antiquities & Monuments (古古古古), Preserved local villages areas (古古古古古), Clan Graves (especially pre 1952), Fung Shui (Dragon Vein). Self-Sustained ? (Employment, School, Recreation, Market…) Population - Early stage- Ultimate- Are Stages/ Phases necessary? Floating Population - Will affect provisions of utilities such as sewerage system, water supplies, gas, power, telephone…. Industrial- Light/ Heavy- (Self Sustained?) School, Hospital/ Clinics, Shopping Center, Market, Open Space, Institution, Community…. (Self-Sustained?) Transport- Internal/ External- (Self-Sustained?) Plot Ratio- Total floor areas / Total town site coverage- There is now a tendency to reduce the plot ration frkm 7 to 5. Landscape- 古古- Orderly development plan and programme- Balanced
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Project-_New_Town__Development - New Town Development...

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