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The Three Parties in Civil Engineering Projects Client - Employer / Developer / Government Engineer – In-house / Consultants; Project Manager / Project Engineer / Design Engineer; Architect / Electrical & Mechanical Engineer / Land Surveyor / Building Surveyor / Structural Engineer; Specialist (Such as Soil Mechanics Engineer, Foundation Engineer, Highways Engineer, Drainage Engineer, Hydraulics Engineer, Material Engineer, Waterworks Engineer, Tunnel Engineer, Claims Engineer / Contract Adviser) Resident Engineer (Site Staff – Inspector of Works, Works Supervisors ) – He and the site staff are responsible to the Engineer to complete the contract in accordance with the design and contract documents. He is responsible for all issues
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Unformatted text preview: on Site (including safety and environmental controls). He will monitor the workmanship, materials used in the works, quality and progress. He will process variations, claims, time extension, site records (measurements) and payments. He will issue instructions whenever necessary. He will report to the Engineer regularly or whenever necessary, give his professional views, and execute the Engineer’s instruction. His powers on Site are as described in the Contract Documents or as from time to time delegated by the Engineer in writing Independent Checking Engineer / Environmental Engineer / Safety Engineer Contractor...
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