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The Engineer is an impartial party. Towards the Client – The Engineer has to complete the project to fulfill the Client’s needs and requirement. The project must be cost effective. The project must be the best for users. The project must be easy for maintenance. Towards his own profession – The design must be safe, durable and aesthetically the best. The project must match with the environment, sustainable in development, safe to construct and to users. Design uncertainties must be kept to a minimum. Cost estimates and programmes must be accurately assessed with
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Unformatted text preview: reasonable risk consideration. The contract documents must be comprehensive. The best Contractor will be chosen. Towards the Contractor – The Engineer shall ensure quality assurance and quality control. The material and workmanship provided by the Contractor shall comply with the contract documents and the design intention. The contractor will duly receive payments from the Client. The Engineer shall fairly assess claims....
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