Right to Privacy - OJ Case On January 29,1995, OJ Simpson...

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OJ Case On January 29,1995, OJ Simpson was put on trial for first degree murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goodman in what was dubbed the “Trial of the Century.” Unfortunately for the prosecution, there team of public mediocre attorneys were no match for OJ expertise team of the finest lawyers in the nation, consisting of Robert Schapiro, Robert Kardashian and subsequently Johnnie Cochran. This trial had much hire states then the possible conviction of the former NFL Running Back, but had a more systemic impact on justice and the criminal justice system in our nation. Many critics state “the OJ. Simpson case is important because of what it represented, not because of O.J. himself”, I tend to disagree. Although the case of OJ was subject to externalities, such as OJ’s position, the case represented the inequalities that remain in society regarding socio- economic status and implications on different groups, mainly African Americans. OJ’s influence and wealth had a huge impact on the trial. OJs team was able to out perform the state, by hiring more credible experts and better forensic scientists. His influence also made it difficult to establish an impartial jury, many people were subjected to their biases or media influences from the mass trial coverage. The 5 th amendment of the American Constitution grants the right for any U.S. citizen who has been accused of a criminal offense to be tried in front of an impartial jury. Both sides extensively questioned the jury to adequately select the “perfect” jury that would work in their favor. In all trials, the prosecutor is given the obligation to prove their side beyond a “reasonable doubt”. Cochoran and the rest of OJ’s team always won the main arguments on two levels; credibility and rhetoric. Although the prosecutorial team had overwhelming evidence against OJ, the defense would always have more credible
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evidence that would counter the prosecutors. Even if that wasn’t always the case, the prosecutors did a horrific job of presenting their points to the jury. Rhetoric was one of the defining features that Cochran possessed and even if he knew that his claims were fabricated he always successfully out persuaded the prosecutors. The one piece of evidence that Cochran hampered on was the fact that the glove used at the scene didn’t fit
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Right to Privacy - OJ Case On January 29,1995, OJ Simpson...

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