con law pro Case - University School Post-9/11 Security Con...

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University School Post-9/11 Security Con Case Brandon Hopen/ Matthew Latch September 2011 We affirm, be it resolved: that post-9/11 security measures are justified. Observation: According to Robert Pushaw, law professor at Pepperdine University “A study of the Constitution as written and as actually implemented in wars reveals that the political branches have enormous leeway in exercising military powers to respond to the unique conditions of each armed conflict” 1 . And According to Harvard Law, security is the most fundamental right, and no other policies can abridge that right 2 Contention 1: Domestic Security Grahm Allison of Harvard states “important steps [have been taken] to secure America’s borders, integrate previously unrelated agencies, and improve the immigration system that allowed suspected terrorists to enter the country before 9/11.” 3 According to Dell Dailey of the State Department “WE have made progress in securing borders and transportation, enhancing document security, strengthening law enforcement capabilities, disrupting terrorist financing, and restricting the international movement of terrorists.” 4 Contention 2: Nuclear terrorism prevention Sub-point a.) Non-proliferation “When asked by ABC News if he had acquired nuclear weapons, bin Laden replied, I would state that to acquire weapons in defense of Muslims is a religious duty.” Because of this clear threat to the United States, removing loose and unsecure nuclear materials from the black
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con law pro Case - University School Post-9/11 Security Con...

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