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hero assignment - and common people This caused a divide in...

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Brandon Hopen Mr. Daniel Constitutional Law AT-1 What First Amendment right or rights did your First Amendment hero use? Martin Luther King used freedom of speech to preach equality and abolishment of discrimination/Jim Crow laws. His influence led to many others exercising their speech rights such as the black children in Little Rock, Arkansas who protested for the establishment of equal opportunity for blacks to go to schools, jobs and universities. The court case Brown v. Board of Education resulted in the elimination of education disparities between blacks and whites overturning the decision of Plessy vs. Fergurson to establish “separate, but equal”. Did this person do something that was unpopular at the time? How did people react? Martin Luther King started a movement that alerted traditional social relations between different groups of people. He preached for equality and a dream for future generations to live side by side. He received a substantial amount of backlash from bureaucrats, justices
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Unformatted text preview: and common people. This caused a divide in society that resulted in King’s assassination. • Did the person’s views come to be shared by a larger number of Americans? By a majority of Americans? Kings viewpoint was supported by a large number of blacks, whites and other ethnic groups across the country. When King was assassinated, supporters for his ideal equal society increased exponentially. • Do you think that exercising his or her First Amendment rights caused this person — or his or her family — to change? In what ways? King remained the same person, but due to him exercising his first amendment rights to speech he was constantly placed in dangerous situations, leaving him and family as a vulnerable target. He was deemed a terrorist by the US federal government and constant investigations attempted to take King to court for treason. Many political groups such as the violent Black Panther party, which followed a black supremacy ideal targeted King as well....
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