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Brandon Hopen October 3, 2011 English 11 Honors Mr. Sharpe The historical account Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford depicts the foundations of Plymouth and the teachings of Puritanism. Bradford’s narrative reveals American values such as toleration and the American Dream. In contrasting John Smith’s historical account to Bradford, the Virginia colony was constantly fighting the Indians and each other, while the Plymouth colonialists treated each other with passion and diplomacy to Indians. Our country’s morality is largely based upon puritan ethics that have led to the creation of democratic ideas of equality. Bradford explains the journey in detail of the Pilgrims to the Americas in search of religious freedom. Similarly to the
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Unformatted text preview: Puritans, Immigration has increased exponentially on the basis that anyone can achieve the “American Dream”. Bradford explains an instance when a sailor deprived a starving puritan of food, and then the sailor was killed, claiming it was a work of god. Although our country promotes religious freedom, under important circumstances; taking vows such as when you’re on stand in court and when you take duty as president you swear under god. Bradford uses examples such as the starving sailor to make explicit connections on both Puritan and American morals. Even though Puritanism has diffused into American society, its ethics remained consistent with our culture....
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