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Brandon Hopen Ms. Fiurer English 11H -2 1) Edwards’ sermon is used to recruit and reach out to people who have lost their religious affiliation. 2) The central message of the Edward’s sermon is to compel people to become more religious, and those who don’t will burn in hell. 3) Edward’s vivid descriptions are used to scare people into becoming more theocratic. 4) The sermon indicates that God indicates is the most powerful force. 5) The congregation sees themselves in an angry and miserable state that they have to change their practice. 6) Edwards uses fire and water to describe God’s wrath. 7) Edwards uses the phrase “dead in sin” to refer to people having a clean slate with no sins and being born again. 8) Edward’s compares each of his listeners to “a spider, or some loathsome insect
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Unformatted text preview: (held) over the fire” to reinforce the vulnerability of all people and the suffering they will have if they go to hell. 9) Edward’s tone shifts the emphasis of the sermon to a series of pleas for the audience to respond to God in faith and thus avoid the wrath of God. 10) Sinners may be able to obtain redemption and free themselves from their previous sins and instances of suffering. 11) The biblical quotation at the end of the sermon is used to appeal to the emotions of people that Jesus endorses Edward’s position, uses imagery of mountains for people to visualize how they can rid their sins and quickly summarizes his sermon with the quote....
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