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Brandon Hopen English 11 Honors August 18, 2011 Frankenstein Mary Shelly Part I: Questions 1. Summarize as briefly as possible the single change, which occurs to the protagonist during the course of the book. In the beginning of the novel, the protagonist, Victor Frankenstein is seen as a young and innocent student. He becomes obsessed with the natural sciences to the point where he becomes alienated from society. His work leads to the creation of a Monster, whose life is spent as an outcast. The Monster kills off Frankenstein’s friends and family. This causes Frankenstein to transform into a guilt-ridden and dehumanized man determined to seek revenge on his creation. 2. Select several passages (three or more) from your choice of text, each reasonably brief, and analyze the special qualities of the author’s style: Is the language formal or colloquial? Do you find imagery more important than concrete language? Explain. Mary Shelly’s use of language is very diverse; within these selected passages she modifies her language to fit the character. Shelly uses a more simplistic and colloquial language to illustrate the speech of the Monster and the young Victor Frankenstein. When Victor’s father, Alphonse Frankenstein or the more mature Victor are speaking the language becomes more formal. Even though she uses
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formal language, it is simplistic enough to make it easy for the readers to follow the story. Shelly places a stronger emphasis on imagery then concrete language. For example, when Victor confronts the Monster on the mountains near Geneva,
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english summer reading - Brandon Hopen English 11 Honors...

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