norton anthology test

norton anthology test - 1 after establishing their colony...

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1. after establishing their colony at Plymouth, the pilgrims faced a difficult first winter, how many of the original one hundred survived this first season -50 2. to what cause does Bradford attribute the weakening of the Plymouth community starting about 1632 - prosperity…. For now as their stocks increased and the increase vendible, there as no longer any holding them together, but now they must of necessity go to their great lots; they could not otherwise keep their cattle; and having oxen grown, they must have land for plowing and tillage 3. what happened after the Pilgrims discovered that they had landed on Cape Cod - they considered heading for the Hudson River, but were blocked by rocks and rough seas… After some deliberation had amongst themselves and with the master of the ship, they tacked about and resolved to stand for the southward to find some place about Hudson’s River for their habitation. But after they had sailed that course about half the day, they fell amongst dangerous shoals and roaring breakers, and they were so far entangled therewith as they conceived themselves in great danger; and the wind shrieking
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norton anthology test - 1 after establishing their colony...

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