pf negative final - NEGATIVE In my experience as a retired...

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NEGATIVE “In my experience as a retired teacher, I never understood how merit pay would have made me a better teacher. I always tried to give 100 percent effort, and no amount of money would have improved my performance. The money spent on teacher merit pay would be better invested in hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes. It is a mistake to apply a business model to teaching.” Because me and my partner agree with former elementary school teacher Jill P. Hare, we negate the following resolution, Resolved: That merit pay based on student achievement should be a significant component of k-12 teacher compensation in United States public schools. Contention 1 -Our first key point is that the merit pay system is flawed. On standardized tests only some subjects are tested. In 2007 Delaware was considering to have a merit pay system and evaluate teachers 20% on how their students perform. According to a 16 year veteran teacher that teaches Spanish, this would not benefit her at all because standardized tests do no include foreign language. She stated “Why should I waste my time teaching Spanish, I should be tutoring my students in Math and English.” That implies since 20% of her students performance is based on Math and reading she should be teaching those subjects instead. The impacts are that even though math and reading teachers may benefit,
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pf negative final - NEGATIVE In my experience as a retired...

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