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CON BLOCKS - o If they do have it look for date(if they say...

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CON BLOCKS 18 months is too short of a time frame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that “I do not believe we have locked ourselves into leaving so rapidly at the end of this time frame”. Obama administration officials have also said that the pace of the withdrawal will be determined by conditions on the ground. My opponents say that it takes a long time to get there so we have a shorter deadline. But, then you have to realize that if it takes them a long time to get there it will take them a long time to leave. And the Obama administration is dedicated to 18 months IN Afghanistan nowhere in the plan does it take into account the time the troops get there. More troops are necessary to achieve Obama’s plan First, ask opponents for source o If they don’t have it say ---they can’t prove how many troops are needed and how that will affect Obama’s plan
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Unformatted text preview: o If they do have it --- look for date (if they say Coin Manual that was written in 2006 referring to Iraq) and if it was 2008 or earlier say --- that in this (time frame) the US was occupied and finalizing Iraq, Adm. Mike Mullen then said later in August 2009 with all the troops occupying in Iraq they will have a shortage of troops. It better to send what we have to Afghanistan and TRY to win rather then do nothing and LET the Taliban win. o It they have it and it was recent then say --- my partner and I agree with you that we need more troops, but we don’t have them we should at least try to go and defeat the Taliban with what we have then let them win. Operatic singer Beverly Stills, said that “ You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. ”...
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