CON JAN CASE revised

CON JAN CASE revised - HOPEN-PARJUS NEGATIVE My partner and...

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HOPEN-PARJUS NEGATIVE My partner and I negate the following resolution, resolved: President Obama's plan for increasing troops in Afghanistan is in the United States' best interest. Contention 1 Obama’s plan requires compliance from Pakistan in order to succeed; however they have failed in doing so. Pakistan, according to the NY Times, has planned no new offensive against militants for as long as a year. Obama made clear that the chances of success hinged significantly on Pakistan’s willingness, which he is not receiving. And added: “We need a strategy that works on both sides of the border. The impact is that Pakistan refuses to go along with this new strategy, which will critically affect the outcome and as a result a new plan must be drafted. According to the Washington Post, Pakistan has refused to act against key Afghan Taliban groups it once supported, as a result the Obama administration has threatened it with U.S. military action, such as drone strikes, which kill several hundred civilian casualties, in order to defeat those targets if Pakistan's refusal continues. This could risk destabilizing the shaky alliance between the two countries or pushing Pakistan into deeper disorder. This would lead to a unstable Pakistan, that holds nuclear weapons, which if al Qaeda occupied them, would cause destruction
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CON JAN CASE revised - HOPEN-PARJUS NEGATIVE My partner and...

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