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1 EE 211A Digital Image Processing I Fall Quarter, 2011 Handout 3 Instructor: John Villasenor Computer Assignment 1 Introduction to Image Display and Manipulation Due: Thursday, 29 September 2011 This assignment will introduce you to some of the image display techniques and image processing routines that you will be using in EE211A. You are free to use any platform to program, but you may opt to use Windows, given the availability of Windows machines in engineering and the ease of displaying and printing images. Please note that Image Library 2.0 is platform agnostic. What to turn in: Source file for program for implementing the simple FIR filter described in Section II, Part 4. Please circle or otherwise highlight the section code which does the actual filtering. I Introduction The majority of images we will be using in this class are either 256 by 256 or 512 by 512 grayscale (i.e. each pixel has a value between 0 and 255) images. In addition, the data in each image file are preceded by a 256-byte header which is used by the display routine. Typical image file sizes are therefore either 256 + (256 × 256) = 65792 bytes or 256 + (512 × 512) = 262400 bytes. All image file names must have the suffix .gray . You are welcome to use any platform to which you have access for doing the computer
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1_ComputerAssignment1 - EE 211A Fall Quarter 2011...

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