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SOCI 250 Lecture 10

SOCI 250 Lecture 10 - -Gender inequality-Socially and...

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Lecture 10 October 7 th 2011 - Two types of racism: personal & institutional racism (policies at institutional level) - When you leave by people, it brings down the stereotypes. Can see the reality - Far away segregation. Can create false ideas and stereotypes - Another way to bring down separation is mix unions - In Canada, mixed marriages considerably increased - Interconnectedness of social problems. They are not isolated cases.
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Unformatted text preview: -Gender inequality-Socially and culturally constructed-Goal men are raised to do: success (culturally defined), provide-Fir women: beauty-Cultural imperatives-Women more educated than men…. .and as society, first time it happens, don’t know how to deal with it-Women get competing pressures (career versus family)-Child rearing is not supposed to be only women’s work...
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