SOCI 250 October 12 Lecture

SOCI 250 October 12 Lecture - 4 short answers 61 mcq and...

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October 12, 2011 4 short answers, 61 mcq, and there is no sexual diverse questions, all the way until family structures. Sexism has implications for the law: serious impact of limited involvement on the part of women in politics: a consequence: because a court is a political process, crim and politics go hand in hand, and what goes on in courts, has to do a lot with what politicians think, politicians direct the system. Now due to this issues pertaining to women, for example rate will have less probability of showing up in court because the court room is filled with men. You do not see a lot of discrimination fighting over low skilled jobs, low pay jobs you will see discrimination in high pay jobs. But are women actually being discriminated in high positions or are they just not applying to them. There has been attempts to deal with this, because of the small representation of women in certain positions so there is a certain amount of women that need to be in certain positions. They are trying to encourage women to get women on board of directors. You encourage putting women on board of directors, they will often pick a female CEO, and however if you only have men as board of directors, they will most probably pick male CEOs. Gender stereotypes, in a leadership question, gender would be a more powerful barrier than race. Obama at least is a man and we know that men could lead (bias that runs through society). Who could lead and get the job done? There are no women who have been presidents, or vice presidents, 16 women at the cabinet level in U.S history (cabinet= high level positions). There really isn’t a question about this, but this is what the population is asking: can women lead? Which is why women have difficulty getting into these high level jobs. Family Problems: Individual: it is just a bad person doing bad things, divorce (a couple that didn’t work out), spousal abuse (same as child abuse, but adult target). How is it social?
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SOCI 250 October 12 Lecture - 4 short answers 61 mcq and...

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