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NAME: __________________________ STUDENT No. ____________________ Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (ATOC-210B) Mid Term Examination - Version A Examiner: Prof. P. Ariya March 10, 2009 Location: Art W120 10:05 - 11:30 a.m. Instructions Part A: Answer all 15 multiple-choice questions by circling on the question sheet the letter that corresponds to the correct answer. Please choose only ONE answer for each question. If you choose more than one answer, NO mark will be given for that question. This part is worth 45% Part B: Answer ONLY 10 of 12 short-answer questions. If you choose to answer all questions, only the first 10 questions will be marked and NO mark will be given to any additional answers. This part is worth 55%. Be sure to write your name, student number and seat number on the question paper. Hand in both the question paper and answer book. The exam comprises 7 pages. Electronic calculators are NOT allowed. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Part A: Please circle the correct answer 1. Today, the principal source of atmospheric oxygen is a. Outgassing b. Photodissociation of water vapor c. Photosynthesis by plants + d. Radioactive decay of soil 2. The primary cause of a radiation inversion is:
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3. Montreal is the snow capital of the world because: 4. When are nights 12 hours long everywhere on earth (except right at the poles)? 5. All of the following types of electromagnetic radiation have wavelengths shorter than that of visible with the exception of a. Green light b. ultraviolet radiation c. radio waves + d. X rays e. None of the above
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