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assign6 - 3 hours Behind the front it is cold and snowing...

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Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (ATOC-210) Assignment # 6, due date April 2, 2009 1) Explain how and why the average surface pressure features shift from summer to winter? 2) Explain why freezing rain more commonly occurs with warm fronts than with cold fronts. 3) Over the earth as a whole, would you expect the atmosphere to be mainly barotropic or baroclinic? Explain. 4) Suppose that it is presently warm and raining. A cold front will pass over your area in
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Unformatted text preview: 3 hours. Behind the front it is cold and snowing. Make a persistence forecast for your area 6 hours from now. Would you expect this forecast to be correct? Explain. Now, make a forecast for your area using the steady state method. 5) Sinking air warms, yet the down drafts in a thunderstorm are cold. Why?...
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