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Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (ATOC-210) Assignment # 1 Due date February 5, 2009 1. What is the "ozone hole", and what are its potential causes? At what latitude or what regions is this phenomenon observed? Is it more localized around the poles, explain your reasoning? 2. A standard pressure of 1013 mb is also known as "one atmosphere" (1 ATM). (a) Figure 1.9 of the text (also in the lecture notes of January 3 and 5) shows the decrease of atmospheric pressure with height. Estimate at what heights would you record a pressure of 0.5 and 0.1 ATM?
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Unformatted text preview: (b) The surface pressure of Mars is 0.007 ATM. This is equivalent to the pressure at approximately what height in the Earth's atmosphere? 3. Consider a typical clear day in winter in Montreal with blue skies. Would you expect the air temperature to be colder or warmer if it were cloudy? Explain your reasoning. 4. What are greenhouse gases? At what wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum do they absorb? In your answer, give 3 examples of greenhouse gases and their wavelengths of absorption....
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