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HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 3 DATE: OCTOBER 12, 2011 DUE DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2011 SUBJECT: ADVANCED ENGINEERING ELECTRODYNAMICS (EE260A) INSTRUCTOR: PROF. YAHYA RAHMAT-SAMII 1. Read course notes and related sections of chapters 4, 5 of Prof. Balanis’ book. (10 points) 2. CP Polarization characteristics upon reflection. A circularly polarized plane wave normally incidents on an infinite PMC (an ideal perfectly magnetic conducting) surface, as shown in the figure. (a) For RHCP incident field, write the equation of the incident electric and magnetic fields. (b) Determine the reflected field. What kind of boundary conditions do you use? (c) What is the polarization of the reflected electric and magnetic fields field? (d) Repeat steps (a)-(c) for 45 deg. incident angle. Discuss your observations. (15 points) 3. Design of a reflectionless layer: A uniform plane wave traveling in air is incident normally on a half space occupied by a lossless dielectric medium of relative permittivity of 16. To eliminate the reflection from the dielectric medium, one can place another
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course EE 260A taught by Professor Yahyarahmat-samii during the Spring '11 term at UCLA.

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20115ee260A_1_hw3-EE260A-Fall2011-YRS - HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT...

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