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HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 4 DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2011 DUE DATE: OCTOBER 26, 2011 SUBJECT: ADVANCED ENGINEERING ELECTRODYNAMICS (EE260A) INSTRUCTOR: PROF. YAHYA RAHMAT-SAMII 1. Read course notes and related sections of chapters 6 of Prof. Balanis’ book. (10 points) 2. Complete the steps needed to get equations (6-107), (6-107a) and (6-108a) in Prof. Balanis’ book. (20 points) 3. Scattered far field by a PEC rectangular plate: (a) Carefully repeat the steps presented in Example 6-5 of Prof. Balanis’ book. (b) Construct the scattered patterns both in normalized amplitude and in dB scale for incident angles of 0 and 45 degrees for the same plate dimensions as in the example. (c) Plot the 3D pattern (if you can) and 2D patterns along the length direction (x direction), width direction (y direction), and diagonal direction. (d) Compare the results and discuss your observations such as 3-dB beam width and beam directions. (e) If you have time you may want to use one other set of dimension and incidence angles of your choice and repeat the above steps. You may
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