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CHinese Cinema Term Paper - JESSICA Mai Chinese Cinema...

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J ESSICA Mai Chinese Cinema Professor Weijie Song 5/6/2010 Western culture’s influence upon Chinese culture In the age of information exchange, from economy to culture, the Oriental trend is eventually begun to take the leading place in the world. Since the reform and open, we absorbed a lot of things from the western country. How to rejuvenate the traditional culture and navigate its own way in this modern society is becoming the very issue to Chinese. However, the changes did not come easily. China has gone through a series of revolutions to approach the achievements. Every coin has two sides. Someone think that the western culture irrigates the development of our country, but the other thinks that we lost much than what we got. Ann Hu’s Shadow Magic and Tsui Hark’s Once Upon A Time in China III show the traditional Chinese community’s animosity felt towards foreigners. At this point in History, China had just gone through the anti-foreign uprising of peasants known as the Boxer Rebellion. China also gave Britain new territories for almost hundred years around this time. Both of these events create some uneasiness for foreigners entering China and some disdain from Chinese people towards these foreigners. Yet, it is the revolutions that Chinese have gone through that make them become more knowledgeable. Elizabeth Wright writes in her essay Imperial Peking’s Cinematic Initiation and says, “Hu attempts to strike a balance between the Chinese and Western ethos without greatly compromising one over another, or at least attempts to depict each cultures' growing awareness of the inherent differences but also similarities that exist between the two.” As far as I concerned, I believe the advantage that the western culture has brought to China is more obvious.
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CHinese Cinema Term Paper - JESSICA Mai Chinese Cinema...

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