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Week 1- timeline of modern Chinese film and history

Week 1- timeline of modern Chinese film and history -...

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Modern Chinese History Mainland Chinese Film Hong Kong Film Taiwan Film 1839-1842 Opium Wars Fought between Britain and China, triggered by British outcry against Chinese confiscation of British opium. When British forces threatened the Yangzi delta city of Nanjing, the Qing sued for peace, resulting in the signing of the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842. The Treaty of Nanjing opened up five treaty ports in China to unrestricted British trade and residence and resulted in the cession of Hong Kong, among other concessions. 1860s Self-Strengthening Movement Refers to efforts initiated by several Qing leaders who advocated a policy that emphasized conciliation with European powers while also seeking to build up China's power by adopting Western technology. These ideas came to be summarized in the phrase: "Chinese learning as the essence Western learning for practical application." These attempts made by the Qing court to implement reforms and innovations that would strengthen China were seen to fail after subsequent military defeats, most notably China's defeat in the Sino- Japanese War (below). 1864 first issue of Shanghai Local Post; 1865 telegraph was introduced; 1872 appearance of daily Chinese- language newspapers; 1874 use of ricksha brought in from Japan; 1875 building of China’s first railroad; 1881 use of telephones; 1902 appearance of automobiles and street tramcars 1895 Sino-Japanese War. Qing Dynasty China cedes Taiwan to Japan. 1898 China cedes "New Territories" to Britain. Hong Kong colony already under British control. By the terms of August 11, 1896 First Appearance of Film in China 1
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the agreement, Britain is given a "lease" of the territories that lasts for 99 years; the lease expired in July 1997. Short films known as yingxi, or "shadow plays" are screened at the Xu Tea Gardens in Shanghai. July 1897 Edison films in Shanghai U.S. showman James Ricalton shows Edison films in Shanghai and other large cities in China. 1900 Boxer Rebellion Anti-Christian, anti-foreign uprising by mostly poor peasants practicing a kind of martial art (hence the name "boxers"). 1905 Beginning of Film Production in China A film made of the Peking Opera play, "Conquering the Ding Mountain" is the first film produced in China, by Fengtai Photographic Studio of Beijing.
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