Chinese Cinema Notes

Chinese Cinema Notes - -Jia Zhangke shot "xiao...

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Unformatted text preview: -Jia Zhangke shot "xiao wu" (pickpocket 1997) despite the censor's rejection of his script, he was banned from directing, but went ahead anyway. Jia got funds for his next film, PLatform (2000), in part from Japanese star Takeshi Kitano-Keywords of the generation:-Documentary; Street realism; Improvisation; Formal fractures; Ontology of the image (tony ryans)-Subject-youth culture (subculture), urban life-Style- turn their back on elaborate allegories, nameless sense of pain, self-indulgence, lack of social concern-Skill - they use amateur actors, hand-held cameras Characters- sufferers; men of the street and ladies of the evening. There is little facial or verbal inflection, and a few dramatic gestures.-Politics-(symptoms of post-1989 Tiananmen Square Demonstration and massacre) no heroes, no ideals, no government-sponsored jobs, no hope for the country's future-Margin-outside of the state-onwed studio system-The candid camera is the rebels' camera, an alternative understanding of reality particularly in the cities (causing...
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Chinese Cinema Notes - -Jia Zhangke shot "xiao...

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