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http://www.cinema- scope.com/cs29/feat_kraicer_still.html Chinese Wasteland: Jia Zhangke’s Still Life By Shelly Kraicer Sometimes film festival juries actually get it right. Jia Zhangke has been making films for ten years, but, until now, a major festival prize (from the “big three” of Cannes, Venice, and Berlin) has eluded him. Finally, though, the Golden Lion bestowed in Venice on his newest feature Still Life acknowledges what students of international cinema already knew: Jia is one of the leading filmmakers of our time. His works advance the art of cinema in ways that are dazzlingly innovative, while also being precisely attuned to the radical new demands of 21st century society. Each of Jia’s films articulates an abstract structure of time
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Unformatted text preview: and space, and a more sensual structure of feeling, through which we can see and feel our way to coming to grips with a new, changing world. Prizes have little intrinsic values: the sales agents, distributors, critics, and the worldwide festival system together Still Life Articles in this Section Operas for the 21st Century: Mozarts New Crowned Hope By Christoph Huber The Man Who Loved Birds: Otar Iosselianis Cinema of Kindness By Quintn Web Only Vive la Resistance!: A New Wave from Slovenia By Tom McSorley and in the magazine. . Dont Forget Youre Going to Die: The Films of Xavier Beauvois By Jay Kuehner Silencing the Clamour of the World: Erice-Kiarostami Correspondences b By Linda C. Ehrlich...
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