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Cinema take home exam - Jessica Mai Chinese Cinema Take...

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Jessica Mai Chinese Cinema Take Home Exam 5/3/2010 1. The film set the background in the seediest neighbourhoods of present day Shanghai, along the dirty, post-industrial Suzhou River that seems to have nothing but decaying warehouses and dusty factories on its way to Shanghai's waterfront. This kind of surrounding causes people to become passive in their life. Crimes, prostitution, alcoholism are the symbolics of human’s negative attitude toward to the life. Zhou Xun's in the double female role in the movie. She takes a potentially stereotypical female role, running from the naive schoolgirl to dangerous seductress, and infuses it with a mature, substantial presence. Meimei was used to kind of modern love before- fill with freedom, sexuality, and careless. This kind of attitude toward to love in the shady modern society is really common. However, she realizes there is something wrong after she met Mardar. While the romances depicted are tragic, the film is sympathetic to its marginal characters' attempts to transcend their dilapidated surrounds. 2. For the first one, when it mentions that “documentary recording my camera doesn’t lie,” it can correspond to the narrator’s view of the city. At the beginning, the narrator records people who live around Suzhou River, and shows the real side of the Shanghai. The environment is all dirty. Prostitution, crime, and alcoholism are all the problems that the camera shows to the audience. The subjective viewpoints can be referred to the viewpoint of Meimei’s boyfriend. We never know who he is; however, we know how he feels and thinks about most of things that happens because he also presents the narrator. Madar can be the representation of the third one. Although it is reasonable that he keeps bothering Meimei, it can be seemed as voyeuristic gaze as well since he would not leave Meimei along even she rejects him numeral times at the beginning. 3.
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Cinema take home exam - Jessica Mai Chinese Cinema Take...

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