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Jessica (WanYun) Mai Chinese Cinema Professor Weijie Song 2/10/2010 The Culture Shock Ann Hu's ''Shadow Magic'' is the first movie that we watched in the class. This movie portrays how the western culture enters China by imagining an interestingly, culturally fraught moment in the early history of cinema. The western movie technology arrives in China early in the 20th century. Raymond Wallace (Jared Harris), the Englishman who brings movies to the capital of China- Beijing, happens to work with Liu Jinglun in order to break through the conservative notion of Chinese people. I personally believe that even though the culture shock might bring the discomfort to Chinese people at first, it eventually benefits the nation in general. In the movies, Liu is the main character in the movie who works at a prestigious photography studio. He is fascinated by modern gadgetry from Western countries. He represents the opposite side of most of the Chinese people in the early 20 th century. According to the history,
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essay 1 - Jessica (WanYun) Mai Chinese Cinema Professor...

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