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Journal 2 - Below please see a short writing guide for your...

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Unformatted text preview: Below please see a short writing guide for your first journal due next Wednesday evening (Feb. 10). My reader (a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese and comparative literature) will grade your first journal. 1. So far we have watched three films: Shadow Magic, Once Upon A Time in China III, Centre Stage. You can easily find the movies from Blockbuster stores and other resources. For your first journal, you can work on any single film, or make comparisons between two films. 2. Try to give your journal a title (the keywords you want to focus on), and quote at least one critical article to prove that you have read the critical readings (you can agree or disagree the authors arguments, and offer your own comments and even counter- arguments about the films). 3. As you come up with a topic, try to think conceptually . You sit down and think about what has drawn you to the films, and narrow down your broad observations to a point or a few points. When you are formulating your point or argument, try thinking it through from the opposite side distinguish your point from some counter-point. 4. Structure your journal around its argument, not around the evidence for the argument. Thus, you would not simply walk through the plots of the film you would formulate some specific observations of the films, and then pick things from the films to prove your point. 5. The length of your journal is about 500 words (two-page, double-spaced). How do you understand the deceptively ? ? , ? ? ? ; ? ? harmonious ? ? domestic space, or the Sunday torture ? ? ; ? ritual, in the Chu family? (p. 208) In the critical essay, Romney notes, theres this discrepancy between the ritual of food presented with love and the difficulty of actually tasting the love in it. (p. 209) What are your ideas about the offering, tasting, and understanding of food and its implications in the Chu family? On page 210, the critics propose that at the end of the film she (the second daughter) has neither abandoned the past as represented by her father nor embraced it, because even her fathers traditionalism is not confined to the past. Jia-chiens position as the new family chef is an in- between terrain from which she can move in many directions. How do you understand the between terrain from which she can move in many directions....
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Journal 2 - Below please see a short writing guide for your...

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